An Indian, documentary photographer currently based in Paris, I grew up in India, and graduated in History from Delhi University in December 2001. My professional career started with seven years in advertising, working as an Art Director. In 2009, I quit my job, and decided to explore other visual mediums.

A brief stint in my family business thereafter, taught me a fair bit of business acumen. It also helped me add up to my savings, eventually enabling me to pursue my dreams. In 2014, I joined Speos School of Photography in Paris. There, I specialised in photojournalism and had masterclass with Magnum Photos. In addition to my institute education, I attended a workshop with Noor. 

What draws me into this profession is my curiosity. I am inclined towards understanding people, places and cultures. Through my work, I wish to understand what makes them what they are. The more I know about my subjects, the more they reflect on me as a person. I get my inspiration from the surreal connection I make with people, beyond barriers of language, places and cultures.